The Day After is Always the Hardest…

Well here we are, the day after the NY Primary and we can fully express our disappointment and sadness in the State of New York.  Evidenced below in our “all black evryyythang”attire for the day.

The greatest gift out of all of this is the motivation that reinvigorated our political fires. Realizing that the fight doesn’t end when our candidate doesn’t win (yet?). A correspondent on CNN said it best last night (whilst groveling in ice cream commenced), “Political revolution is still possible.” That being said, if people can continue on with their independent thought and still continue to attempt to make their voices heard, we still have a shot at making change. Just need to find another doorway.

Pushing on, Kombucha! Yep, late to the party, as always.  Tried out this bad boy today and yum in my tum with extra ginger fun!

 Give it a whirl, surprise your taste buds and your body with some goodness. Worth the $6(once a month).


Lastly, it’s Wayback Wednesday in our tune world. What does that mean? Music, obviously.

An ode to Bernie and his awesomeness comes in the form of this gem because we still #feelthebern

Why do you ask? Because we still believe the Bernster is magical, and sometimes you just gotta dance the bad away.



It’s Primary Day in New York!

The day is finally here! Primary Day in New York! This day has so much meaning to many of us here in New York. It’s a chance for our voices to be heard, to do our political due diligence and hopefully make a difference.

This past weekend Michelle and I attended the Bernie Sanders Rally in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. What an amazing experience it was! So many people from all walks of life who want to make a real change in the world. Check out our pics below! 

 Tis a day to flex our most valuable asset, our right to vote in a country that can reclaim itself as great for all, not just some!

But we didn’t end at just the rally, there was food of course! You’ll soon learn how intense our love of food is.

Haab in Park Slope is  an ultra delicious Mexican joint I can’t wait to get back to. Nachos, Spicy Mango Margaritas/ Agua Fresca’s and burritos the size of our heads (which we promptly shared, we do have self control but only every other Sunday)! 

 Topping it off was an almond milk latte at Cusp, Crepe and Espresso Bar

 Shortly after we were back off to the land of normalcy to prepare for the rat race of the week once again. 😦

Til next time kids!


Welcome to our place.

Who are we? Two women who’ve been best friends for a decade trying to find our way through this world with some semblance of sanity, fun, love and happiness.

One of us has traveled the world.

The other stayed put, tried some new stuff and shimmied through on this side of the pond.

The best part?  We never lost contact and are now reunited! Well, physically at least.

Join us on our adventures, hilarity, strange situations and love for this great city, (New York of course),we are proud to call home, our muse and our safe space.

TA- TA for now!